Christine O’Donnell

22 09 2010

Will every female Conservative politician that comes forth from now on be compared to Sarah Palin?  You betcha.

As a registered Republican, I am continually anerved by the warped statements and so called “fear-mongering” that goes on from both sides of the politcal fence.  Maybe it’s naive for me to think that politicians should only have OUR interests at heart, and submit to making decisions not on how they feel, but on the facts available– but I do!  There are topics (ie: religious affiliation, economic status, heritage) that get dragged into debates that should be based on factual logic.  There was a lasting backlash when it was alleged that now President Barack Obama subscribed to the Muslim religion— an idea that some people regard to be true.  Admittedly there is a gray area in the personal backgrounds of most, if not all, public figures- but it is the job of journalists to follow the paper and present the unknowing American audience with the truth!  On the other side of the fence, we have individuals as Sarah Palin and recently, Christine O’Donnell, perpetuating the image that ALL Conservatives are scripture-spewing, money-grubbing, xenophobists.

Is immigration a pertinent issue in our country?     Yes.

     Is there a colossal problem with our national finances?     Yes.

          Is there a place for religion in politics?     Yes
(Accepted and established historical items like the Declaration of Independence and the Pledge of Allegiance have outright mention of our “Creator” and “God.”)                                                            And No
(Jefferson’s 1802 “wall of separation between church and state” phrase in a letter to the Baptist’s Assoc. of Danbury)

Personally I do not find individuals on the right to be hate-filled harpies, although I would be amenable to the argument that conservatism is based on traditional values and maintaining an even keel in development of society.  That said, I find Christine O’Donnell to be a threat to the foundations of the Grand Ol’ Party.  More apprehensive than Sarah Palin made me during her 2008 run for Vice President. (I still ponder what John McCain was thinking, and whether ANYONE else’s assistant was answering phones that fateful day.)

These women appear to be, to me, counter-productive to the advancements and aspirations of women and the GOP.  O’Donnell could very well turn out to be a Palin puppet— a sentiment echoed in today’s Huffington Post article, “Christine O’Donnell Takes Sarah Palin’s Advice, Will Go On Hannity To ‘Speak Through Fox News.'”  
“Palin has been acting as a sort of fairy godmother for O’Donnell, propelling her candidacy by endorsing her and recording radio spots and robocalls in the primary race against Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del),” Amanda Terkel wrote.

Jeff Cohen wrote in the Huffington Post last Wednesday of a 2002 encounter he had with Christine O’Donnell, who recently won the GOP bid for Delaware senator, on Phil Donahue’s MSNBC show.   Cohen describes O’Donnell as “an ideologue of uptightness — with a fervent position on every issue under the sun.”

Cohen’s colleague Neil McCarthy summarized the problem posed by the rise of the Tea Party, and subsequent in-fighting amongst Conservatives:  “The country is in desperate need of moderate Republicans, nowhere more so than here in New York. As was made clear in this year’s debates on health care and financial reform, the GOP’s steady drift to the far and fringe right has made progress on policy virtually impossible.”

I don’t believe the TP can gain enough of a following to truly become it’s own political entity, outside the Republican umbrella-  but right now it’s hyped enough to be damaging to Republicans and cannot be ignored.  I agree with the percieved motives of the Tea Party-  often times it does not appear that Washington is hearing the voice of the people; a voice that is presently frustrated with the fact that 14.9  million people are unemployed, but the recession has been deemed ‘over.”

Fueling the fire within the Republican camp are comments by O’Donnell that suggest she will do whatever she (thinks she) has to do to win.  “They don’t have a winning track record,” O’Donnell told CNN. “If they’re too lazy to put in the effort that we need to win, then, so be it. We’re going to win without them.”   [They being Republicans, and we being members of the Tea Party.]

If she doesn’t need us, what the hell was she before the Tea Party took shape?
And why then, is she going to go on Sean Hannity’s show to clear up the misunderstandings about herself and her campaign?




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