Twitter FAIL (JRL 490 – World News)

22 09 2010

I have not get given myself over to the wonderful world of tweets, twitpics, and trending topics— and perhaps for good reason!

A teenager in Australia recently “tweeted” a JavaScript code that, when moused over, enabled a pop-up window. 
“I did it merely to see if it could be done…  I had no idea it was going to take off how it did. I just hadn’t even considered it,” said Pearce Delphin.

What he hadn’t considered was that by exposing this Twitter security flaw, he would inspire hackers across the globe to pounce on the nearly 6million registered Twitter users. 

The malicious code derouted visitors to Japanese pornography websites, allowed spam advertisements, and randomly generated “tweets” on their accounts.

Delphin hopes that although “Netcraft” security traced the code back to him, officials will consider that he merely “discovered a vulnerability,” and did not “create a self-replicating worm.”

Delphin claimed that Twitter was aware of this hole in their system, but failed to correct it.

My question is why not fix it?!  Why knowingly leave your millions of users vulnerable to such an unnecessary attack? 

I would be interested to know how many users effected by the worm are now going inactive on the popular social site…




One response

27 09 2010

Hello Laura,

This is Professor Palmer. Nice entry. I didn’t assign this one yet, but you’ll receive full credit on the next assignment.

Scary stuff, isn’t it? It is imperative for us to be guarded in our “tweeting” pursuits. I agree with your last point. Pearce Delphin may wind up in a whooping lawsuit. After all, we live in a litigious culture.

See you in class,

Professor Palmer

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