ASP Opinion Writer’s Angle Called into Question

6 10 2010

Dan Nicholson wrote a lengthy Letter to the Editor in this week’s edition, taking issue with the opinion columns by Stephen Sullivan that have run recently.

Nicholson calls into question the factual basis for Sullivan’s rantings, and with good cause. In the Sept. 14 “Obstructionism and partisan politics” article, he bodly writes that the Republican party is “trying to distract the American people from the real issues that should be at stake this November, like jobs and the economy.”

I’m thinking that job creation and stablizing our economy are among the foremost issues on the mind of any and every politician or civilian, as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last month the unemployment rate in America has stayed between 9.5 and 9.7% since May— that’s nearly 15 million people out of work.
(I googled that. 109,000 results in 0.12 seconds…   See how easy it is to find evidence to support your views?!)

In a Sept. 30 column,  Sullivan spews more distaste for the GOP by stating as his lead, “It is astounding to fathom how the Republican Party, a party that helped bring about the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression, advocated for two wars not paid for, and implemented excessive tax cuts to the wealthy, again not paid for, has a strong chance of regaining a majority in the United States House Of Representatives this November. How could a party so hated by many for driving the country into a ditch be on the brink of getting the keys back to the majority in the House of Representatives?”

Excuse me? Last time I checked, the Republicans weren’t the only memebers of our governing bodies. The nation’s figurehead may have been a Conservative, but checks and balances still exist; the wars in the Middle East and the market burst were not achieved single-handedly.
Furthermore, lest we forget that the only thing Barack Obama has managed to change is his approval rating- which, according to the most recent Gallup poll, has not charted above 50% for any month so far in 2010! So I guess most American’s have let go of the “Change We Can Believe In.”

I know content like this wouldn’t appear in the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, but for many of the 13,000 undergraduates, the free school newspaper may be the only news source they access. (Not everybody has Romenesko in their GoogleReader!)

I support Dan Nicholson for putting Stephen Sullivan (and, sortof, the ASP) on blast for what is simply lazy journalism.  Any 14-year-old asshole with a Mac can write and write and write, but we as students participating in higher education and young adults on the cusp of being the “in charge” generation have a responsibility to ourselves and our peers to present logical, balanced information.




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