“Foursquare” Could Prove Useful Tool In Journalist’s Arsenal

6 10 2010

Former Seattle Times staffer and current USC professor Robert Hernandez highlighted the potential for new social media website Foursquare as a tool for journalists to find sources.

Hernandez, who is the moderator of a web journalists chat group on Twitter, used the hostage situation at Discovery headquarters in early September as an example:  “The day it happened, I looked to see who had checked in [on FourSquare] and I saw a guy based in LA had checked into the building a few hours before the incident.”

Hernandez explained that “because this person is announcing to the world that they’re there, that increases the likelihood that they’re willing to talk. Instead of going to a place, or cold calling, or going up to people and interrupting them or going on a fishing expedition, you can find very specific eyewitness sources.”




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