Apple’s iPads Gains Popularity, Scope of Use Widens

13 10 2010

“iPads shipments are outpacing those of iPhones and DVD players… with a current sales rate of 4.5 million per quarter,” said Bernstein Research analyst Colin McGranahan in an article last week.

McGranahan also said, “By any account, the iPad is a runaway success of unprecedented proportion.”  He predicts that the product will bring in $9 million next year.

eWeek writer Nicholas Kolakowski points out, however, that the iPad’s success may be compromised when other proprietary based operating tablets are launched by competitiors like Dell, HP, and Microsoft.  

While the iPad ranks fourth among the Top 5 Consumer Electronics, it is eating up potential sales of smartphones and notebooks.  Last month, Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying the iPad had “cannibalized” 50% of the company’s laptop sales. (He later recanted.)

“Whether or not cannibalization is actually occurring, other tablet manufacturers have a potentially long road ahead with regard to matching the iPad’s total sales. In order to preserve something of a first-mover advantage, Apple is rumored to be developing a second-generation iPad, perhaps with a dual-camera configuration for video conferencing,” Kolakowski says.

Keith Weed- CMO of Unilever- did little to dispel the idea that the electronics and social media industries are forever playing catch-up with the guys over at Apple who just seem to ooze ingenuity.  Weed said at the Media Guardian Changing Advertising Summit today:  “iPads will save newspapers, they really will.”

Weed, who gave all of his executive staffers an iPad, admits “I used to have a pile of newspapers in the morning but now I flick through my iPad.”  Weed emphasized the device’s usability by describing his team “apps at board meetings like kids swapping football cards.”




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