JRL 490 – Sports

18 10 2010

The Poynter Institute has been dragged into the Brett Favre-Jen Sterger “sexting” scandal- material better suited for such outlets as Deadspin, Bleach Report, and Hollywood Gossip.

Gregory E. Favre, a “Distinguished Fellow in Journalism Values” on the Poynter faculty, has had to deviate from the normal rule “writers aren’t the story,” in order to correct an unnecessary footnote attached to a Brett Favre analysis.

“Brett is a distant cousin in six different ways. I am 34 years older than he. I have never met him. I did know his grandfather. I left home 15 years before he was born. He doesn’t know how to pronounce our name, and neither do any of the sportscasters. Or Deadspin, for that matter. I have talked to the managing editor of Poynter.org once in a year and that was about a good place to buy po-boy sandwiches,”  he said.


I am partially amused and partially confused.

Why would an established, career journalist feel the need to buy into the absoulte nonsense of this scandal?

I would have ignored the footnote! Especially knowing (now) that they are distant cousins who have never met!

As much as I do indulge with daily readings of Perez Hilton, and occasionally a stop over at TMZ, I do think that sites like this are contradictory to to real news.  I think that it is important for writers of any format (print, online magazines, blogs) to hold themselves to a high level of credibility.

Perpetuating rumors and clogging up the pipes for real transfer of information isn’t helpful to the industry.
I hope I never find myself in a position where site-hits and ad sales become more important than the ntegrity of my work.




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