Trending on Twitter today…

26 10 2010

United States @ 3:25 a.m.

1.  Chevy SEMA
     @GMEmployee: Chevy Camaro is front-runner in SEMA contest

2.  Worst Rappers of the Decade
      @ParaFamilies: 1. Soulja Boy 2. Soulja Boy 3. Soulja Boy…
      @lilduval: number 10. lil flip becuz of his verse “I’ll treat you like milk baby I’ll spoil you”
      @C_Penn_816: Diddy

3.  “Speak Now”
      @mrbirghtside200: #SpeakNow is out today!
      @OneLife2Rock: Still listening to Taylor Swift’s new album… #speaknow
      @Yoyobird: RT if you can’t stop listening #speaknow

4.  7 Words After Sex
      @MGonDaBeat: you seriously don’t look like your twitpic
      @Flashin_Lites: Don’t tell my friends about this, ok?
      @Sammlags: So should I call you a cab?
      @SkorROTC: Can you make me a sandwich now?

5.  Pretty Woman
      @fizzarahman: Whi is Pretty Woman trending?
      @sajdonohue: Was walking by TV, and got sucked into watching “Pretty Woman.” Man I love that movie. Why does it still make me believe?

6.  Reggie Bush
     @JohnDavidIsReal:   What a tough year for Reggie Bush. He loses his Heisman and Kim Kardashian. At least he still has his Super Bowl ring.
     @mikeroblescomic: Kim Kardashian has been sacked by more NFL players than Reggie Bush!
     @KingCappani:  Why is Reggie Bush trending? Cause he lost to the Browns and is on Kim Kardashain’s show. Poor man can’t catch a break. < Or a ball

7.  Brock Lesnar
      @RKOStyles: Brock Lesnar lost WWE title to Eddie Guerrero & also loses UFC title to Cain, what did we learn tonight? Brock can’t beat up mexicans.
     @Sidekicker: When Bully Tactics Fail at UFC 121, Brock Lesnar flounders

8.  Jeepers Creepers
      @KyleCee: All jeepers creepers wants is some food… Can’t a n***a eat a couple teenagers without people tryna [sic] kill u? Wats wrong wit people [sic]?
      @KaninSaidWhat:   the movie “Jeepers Creepers” really makes me hate white people. Everything they’ve done the whole movie has been completely retarded

9.  Bragging Rights
      @GetToKnowDee: I thought Bragging Rights was sumthin totally diffrent den sum wwe bullshit [sic]
10.  Lambeau
         @sportshub: Favre’s tumultuous season gets worse– Favre’s legendary powers disappear at Lambeau
         @espn: Favre runs out of Lambeau magic as Vikings fall
         @Aaron_Nagler: My buddy @runningforlaga [said] “I’ve seen Favre’s last game at Lambeau… 3 times”

United States @ 3:25 p.m.

1.  Chevy SEMA

2.  uwascooluntil
      @GarySupaFlyness: #uwascooluntil I seen [sic] the mole on the side of your head that looked like a Milk Dud
      @xandreachonita: #uwascooluntil you put “was” instead of “were”
      @GleekLyndsey: #uwascooluntil you told me you were a belieber

3.  “Speak Now”

4.  whodoesthat
      @LoSlaughter: fighting in the middle of campus?
      @NateRockstarr: Hot sause [sic] on eggs?
      @kevinlpugh: People sending emails to you saying if you don’t forward it you will be cursed and you will be blessed if you do.

5.  Isaacs
      @BBC6MusicNews: RIP Gregory Isaacs. The reggae legend has died from cancer at the age of 59
      @halvorbodin: RIP Gregory Isaacs

6.  Walkman
      @richardroeper:  Sony announces it will no longer make Walkman cassette players. In other news, Sony was still making Walkman cassette players?
      @brainpicker: RIP Sony Walkman, 1979-2010
      @funnyordie:  Sony just announced they stopped making the Walkman cassette player. Did we all time travel to 1999 in our sleep? What’s twitter?

7.  Allen Iverson
      @espn: Report- Allen Iverson has agreement in principle with Turkish team Besiktas
      @J_Wheelz2: Good to hear Allen Iverson got a deal overseas. He was unfairly pushed out of the league.
      @lettertojane: If Allen Iverson needs the money I wish TNT would have hired him to call games

8.  RIP Gregory
      @moonbolt: I would hate to think that Gregory Isaac’s lasting legacy in popular culture is a cough medicine advert.  RIP

9.  Eiland
     @WWBNews: New York Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland fired after disappointing loss in American League championship series
      @YankeeNumbers: First Hot Stove news of the year. Dave Eiland is out as pitching coach. I won’t be losing any sleep over this…

10.  Andriod Market
       @retomeier: 100k Apps in the Android Market  (that’s tripled since March.)  That’s alot of apps!
       @jedskiter: wow. a hundred thousand apps in android market. too bad, i’m stuck with android 1.5. can’t try most of the apps





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