Disrespect in the Oval Office

2 11 2010

I let go of his inane appearance on The View.
I had just about forgotten the disgust I felt when he was on The Daily Show.
Then I heard that today, one of the nation’s most important days, the President of the United States Barack Obama will be making a mockery of the most prestigious political office in the land once again- by doing an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

I understand he is not the first, and will not be  the last, president to appear on an entertainment talk show.  John F. Kennedy was interviewed by Jack Parr on The Tonight Show, Richard Nixon appeared on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In, and Bill Clinton played the sax on Arsenio.

I can understand wanting to ride the “hip” wave that got him elected, by continuing to be active in the digital world so often accessed by young voters. 

But I am one of those young voters, and I think it is a joke for the leader of the free world to be spending precious time outside the oval office and away from Washington when the nation is on its knees.

I am in debt, I am facing an uncertain professional future, and the man who everyone  told me has the answers is going to talk to the host of American Idol? 
What. The. Hell.

I do not see Obama’s “accomplishment” of being the first sitting president to appear on late night to be an accomplishment at all. I find that it diminishes his credibility as an authority to America, and undermines what little progress his administration claims to have made. I feel like he can’t be too concerned with fixing our economy and reassuring the 14.8 million people who are still out of work, if he is consistently out in NYC or LA to chitchat on daytime and primetime programming.

Being elected President of the United States does not make you a celebrity, it makes you a public figure. And that means you should be SERVING us, not trying to ENTERTAIN us.

This term’s Commander-in-Chief seems to care more about Nielsen ratings than his approval rating.

These are not the sort of changes anyone had in mind, nor wanted to believe in.
Get to work, man.




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