On The Edge with Kristi

8 11 2010

810 pages of results for Kristi Gustafson’s On the Edge blog.

Good lord this woman is committed! (Or should be committed, depending how you wanna look at it.)

Gustafson blogs multiple times per day, although I notice it is usually within a few hours-long window. She makes references to other social media outlets on which to find and contact her, including Facebook and Twitter.

I like the “ARA” posts, where Kristi sort of lets the readers interact, moreso than stepping right in to give the advice herself.  This is sort of a theme, Kristi acts as facilitator of discussion and information exchange, instead of just giving the word like some bloggers do.

I think Kristi’s lecture will have an interesting perspective, given her young age and growing prominence on the TU blogosphere.  Gustafson will serve as a great example to our class of what it means to practically apply today’s expanding realm of social media in the workforce.




One response

8 11 2010
Professor Palmer

Great comments, Laura. Full credit. I’m likely to quote you tonight. See you in class. – Professor Palmer

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