10 11 2010

Jerry Seinfeld struck gold with his sitcom, Seinfeld, the show about nothing. Simple concepts can be the best, and my team employed this idea for our week 2 project.

JRL390 Podcast Mashup by LMarsh11

I wasn’t too familiar with podcasting- I never bought or downloaded one but I knew what it was all about.

I watched a show in high school, One Tree Hill, and one of the main characters had an elaborate online life- which included podcasting.  I wasn’t immediately sold on the practice, as she was later abducted by a stalker who used the info on her site against her. 

I think I was only interested in the podcasts Peyton produced because I “knew” her after five season.  Listening to someone on something involved like a podcast when I can’t put a face to the voice, or am not aware of the context of the things they may share, puts me off to podcasting.

Screenshot of Peyton's website from early seasons of OTH

Silly backstory aside, I have a better understanding of podcasting thanks to our guest speaker Kevin Marshall. His work on the Manville Show is great for him- amusing, challenging, and rewarding.  While I respect his promotion of the practice, I think it has to be acknowledged that not everyone has the chops to pull off or the opportunity to upstart an online radio show.

I think also take issue with calling something that is prerecorded, like a podcast, “online radio” because as Lindsay points out in our group discussion radio is a live stream while podcasts are not.  I know that there is a delay on the radio- just in case someone slips and says something the FCC would frown upon, they can catch it- but I think that podcasting has a large window for editing, in which case I wouldn’t know what to call it… but it isn’t occurring spontaneously and it isn’t an organic conversation when it is altered sooooooooooooo

Here’s what I think about podcasting & me in the future:
Laura – Individual Assessment of Podcasting by LMarsh11




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