15 11 2010

Chris Dunn reports for 10,000 Words on the 2010 College Photographer of the Year competition.

Held annually since 1945, the Missouri School of Journalism narrows thousands of entries into just under two dozen awards over a six-day judging period.  Prizes range from equipment, to internships, to collaborative opportunities with top visual media companies.

The contest is co-sponsored by Nikon (whos participation allows for the entries to be free), and serves as platform for the National Press Photographer’s Foundation to select recipients of the Col. William J. Lookadoo and Milton Freier Memorial Awards.

The contest’s website boasts that past winners have “gone on to become outstanding professional photographers and leaders in the field of photojournalism.”

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I’ve only recently begun to read 10000words, founded by Mark Luckie, as its praises are sung by many professors in our JRL program.  I find the layout to be a little more bloggy than I care for, but it definitely lives up to the “Where Journalism and Technology Meet” tagline, as the content was very different from the industry news I found on Poynter or #wjchat.

I was grateful to have come across this article and learn about the CPOY competition because I love photography and photojournalism.  [Click Here to read about my favorite works!]

I was really surprised to read about this organization because after 7 semesters in journalism, multimedia, art and photojournalism classes NOT ONE TEACHER ever talked about CPOY!
I bookmarked the official website and plan to scour over the gallery of winning images as soon as I have time!




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16 11 2010


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