Zahra Baker

15 11 2010

I have been following the case of Zahra Baker, who has been missing from Hickory, NC since October 9, from the first night Nancy Grace spoke of the freckle-faced girl.

Reports surfaced last Thursday that remains, likely Zahra’s, were found near a creek in Caldwell County.  At a press conference Friday, Hickory’s Cheif of Police Tom Adkins said that DNA from the bone found on Christie Road matched that of the ten-year-old.  Further analysis of physical evidence will be done by the  medical examiner in Chapel Hill.

The devastating announcement coincides with the arrival of Zahra’s birthmother, Emily Dietrich, from Austrailia.

The Hickory community, as well as the country, have been anxiously awaiting the outcome of this case, and the law enforcement enlisted to find Zahra are not immune to the emotional toll of the search for a missing child. Police Chief Tom Adkins said Tuesday, “Thirty-nine days ago, most of us did not know Zahra Baker. But over more than a month, we have all fallen in love with her and become better people because of her.”

Zahra’s father, Adam Troy Baker, was recently arrested on unrelated charges of assault and writing worthless checks.  He was cooperative in the early stages of the search, but the shadow of suspicion has already been cast.  Baker’s wife, Elisa, remains jailed on similar charges, as well as an indictment for obsturuction- for her part in misleading authorities (by making a false ransom note) after the initial missing person report.

Zarah Clare Baker (File photo: Assoc. Press)

After overcoming two forms of childhood cancer, bone and lung, beginning at age 5, it makes me sick to my stomach to think that her life was lost at the hands of her own parents.

I upsets me even more that for the few months that leads are hot and the community is outraged media outlets shove these tragedies in our faces every morning in the headlines and every evening on television, but what happens now? Will we get to hear about the progression of Zahra’s investigation and hopefully the trial of her assailants?

I know that cases go cold and sometimes there aren’t happy endings- but I also know that I can’t be the only person in the country wondering about Kyron Horman, Stacy Peterson, Brittnee Drexel, and Gabriel Johnson.

Unless you have an RSS Feed for all the local news outlets from each town where a child goes missing, woman is murdered, or tragedy occurrs you might forget about them- and thats the worst thing we can do.




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