The Casual Roundtable

17 11 2010

Lindsay McKearn, Laura Marshall, Rebecca Lee, and Anthony Locascio:

Facebook sprang forth from the cyber abyss in 2004. The drunken conception of Mark Zuckerberg, now 26, and his Harvard University roommates, has overtaken Myspace and set the bar for Twitter with over 500 million registered users in 100 languages.

In the years since it’s launch, the format and user interface of Facebook has changed several times. One of the biggest gripes 20something users have is that anyone from elementary school to assisted living can sign-up, inundating us with friend requests and photo comments from 10-year-old cousins and 74-year-old grandparents.
Some collegians hesitate to “approve” or interact with such “friends,” as your frat shenanigans and sllutty halloween outfits may not be desirable content for the next family get together- drugs and whores are only welcome at Charlie Sheen’s Christmas dinner.

Just like anyone being able to operate a Facebook, almost anyone can VIEW your Facebook… Therefore we must acknowledge the question of whether social media and networking is more helpful or hurtful?




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22 11 2010

great one

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