New Batch of Girls on “Teen Mom 2”

18 11 2010

Is MTV stupid crazy?  Does it make sense to anyone for this network, that has recieved significant criticism of late for their lack of music programming, to mess with the lineup of one of their top shows?

Executive producer of the smash hit “Teen Mom” Morgan J. Freeman told USA Today that a new cast of teen mothers, who can also be seen on the “16 & Pregnant” series, are being filmed, with no announcements yet who will be the breakout 4 families.  This docudrama will not be a re-cast, but rather a sequel to the largely popular spinoff, he says.

 ^  Season 1 Trailer for MTV’s “Teen Mom”  ^


The original “Teen Mom” girls- Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, and Amber Portwood- have been on-air since December 2009, and have raked in 3.5 million viewers per episode, with finale/reunion specials grabbing as many as 5.5 million watchers.  “Teen Mom” is the second highest rated series on the MTV network, behind only the controversial “Jersey Shore.”

Fans are fiercely loyal to each of the mom’s, with the show’s Facebook page blowing up with discussion about the changes.  Some that spoke up admit this season was a little bland, with each settling into their new roles as caregiver, but are adamant that they want to keep up with the lives of little Bentley, Carly, Sophia, and Leah.

MTV or Freeman need to clarify their intentions with this so-called sequel series, or tell us when the real Teen Moms will again be seen on Tuesday nights- or “Teen Mom 2” may suffer, and ultimately kill the cash-cow.

Lowell, Bookout, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Portwood & Abraham on set of the "Teen Mom" reunion special




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24 11 2010
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29 11 2010
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1 12 2010

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