A Final Look At Pros & Cons of Social Media

1 12 2010

The internet is ever expanding, and so is our interest in, use of, and potentially our dissatisfaction with it.

We asked several people, from twentysomethings to thirtysomethings to fortysomethings, in various vocations about their familiarity and frequency of use in today’s social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

As social sites have exceeded the original intentions of their creators- personal communications- and entered more public and sometimes professional realms, a number of things need to be considered…
the most of important of which is P R I V A C Y!  Assuming only your approved friends will see your silly and sarcastic commentary is naive. You must be aware of what you say, when, where, and who is able to view it. Get familiar with the security settings of your chosen profile platform!


 People who have benefitted or suffered from online content:
-Paul Chambers: A frustrated tweet got this Brit fired from his job, and convicted of menacing charges.

-Keenan Cahill: This teen gained quite a following for his humorous lipsyncing on Youtube… so much so that he was recently invited to appear on the nighttime talk show “Chelsea Lately.”

-Tyler Clementi: 18-year-old Rutgers student lept to his death after his college roommate secretly recorded and broadcast a romantic encounter Clementi had.

-Betty White: The veteran actress has made a comeback since her days on “The Golden Girls,” with help from a youthful spirit and youthful fans. White hosted a special Mother’s Day episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ last May, after head producer Lorne Michaels gave in to the facebook campaign by fans who wanted the 88-year-old to appear.




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