What Were You Obsessed With This Year?

4 12 2010

Yahoo News staffers Vera Chan and Melissa O’Neil compiled a list of the people and products we couldn’t  get enough of in 2010.

The Top 3 from their list?

Apple's 4th Generation iPhone comes in black or white

Apple iPhone (Version 4)
        Despite an early appearance courteousy of a forgetful tech and a lucky  bar-goer, Gizmodo analyzed and previewed the prototype on their website in April. 

        The touchscreen device boasts video chatting, email and assorted media applications.   The 16g retails for $199, while the 32g will run you $299.


Lohan, with her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley (AP Photo)

Lindsay Lohan
     Things seemed to be turn-ing around for the troubled actress as 2009 came to a close- but her attitude of entitlement, obvious substance abuse, and repeated run-ins with the law quickly caught up with her.

The  once-adored, freckle-faced Disney darling fell from grace in 2010.
And she fell hard.
Lohan occupied her time juggling multi-million dollar lawsuits, several court appearances for parole violations, followed by a month-long stint in Lynwood Correctional Facility.

Lohan’s lifestyle has left her nearly broke, and she has few options to rejuvenate her career. Lohan was dropped from the only project to which she has been attached, a biopic of Linda Lovelace, in November.

The 24-year-old currently lives in a sober-living house affiliated with the Betty Ford Center, she is mandated by the court to stay in the program until January 3, 2011.


Steve Jobs shows off the iPad tablet (Newscom)

Apple iPad
      Apple ushered in yet another craze with their invention of the iPad- a tablet computer.  Arguably, it is merely a hybrid of a high-end smartphone and a laptop.

From April, when it was released, through October roughly 8million units were sold.  At $499 a pop, that’s about $4billion earned.

 Media application for music, movies, and magazines (to name a few) put a rest to publisher’s (& the public’s) love affair with the Amazon Kindle and BN’s Nook.  The iPad, while no more efficient in presentation or storage, has won out over the competitors. 

This week Android came out with their own tablet, just in time for the holidays, but it is unlikely that their “Power Round” will best the best.




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