“Fountain Texter” Suing Mad

22 01 2011

In a mere two weeks time, Cathy Cruz Marrero, 49, has become better known as “Fountain Girl” for her unfortunate tumble into the fountain at Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing, PA.  The spill was caught on the facility’s security cameras, and later uploaded to Youtube. To date, 3.1million people have viewed the footage.

Marrero has hired an attorney, and intends to sue the mall for the lack of displayed professionalism and attentiveness of it’s security personel.

Since when is it illegal to laugh when someone falls? You can see on the tape that Marrero stands up, looks around sheepishly, and exits the mall.

She didn’t drown.  She wasn’t concussed.  She broke no bones. 
She should laugh, enjoy her fifteen minutes, and then fade back into obscurity.

Also revealed this week- Marrero has an ongoing presence in local courts for 5 felony charges for theft.   Seems to me this down on her luck, sort of shady lady underestimated the power of the media when she spoke out about the immorality of Berkshire Mall security.   [Pot, meet Kettle.   Kettle, meet Pot.  Notice how you’re both black?]




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