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28 01 2011

I saw “The King’s Speech” recently, and just as the credits began to roll, my grandmother leaned over and asked “Don’t American’s write anything anymore?”

“Good point, I guess not,” I told her.

Her question could not be more relevant, as adapted versions of UK successes “Trading Spaces,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” and “The Office” fill our TV programming.

The latest transplant? A cast of reckless teens on “Skins.”

Usually I won’t even skim the NY Times- I know its basically sacriligious for a journalist, but I just don’t like it!- but one of my professors brought David Carr’s latest column to my attention earlier this week.

“Skins Suggests Error of MTV’s Ways” doesn’t go so far as to brand this series “dangerous-” as the Parent’s Television Council did- but Carr, as a parent of a 14-year-old, acknowledges that “MTV and its corporate parent erred when they decided that conjuring a show out of piles of semi-nude teenagers would be lucrative, harmless fun.”

Carr goes on, “Now that MTV is back on its heels, you will hear arguments that ‘Skins’ merely describes the world that we already live in. There’s something to that. MTV didn’t invent ‘friends with benefits,’ oral sex as the new kiss or stripper chic as a teenage fashion aspiration. And MTV didn’t employ the teenage star that posed semi-nude in Vanity Fair; the Disney Channel is the one in business with Miley Cyrus.”

This article is just great, logical journalism.  Much better in tune with the actual goings-on of today’s typical American teen than anyone over at the PTC.

 As someone who was a “typical American teen” not so long ago (like 3 years ago, really) I can attest that while I knew kids in high school who were doing some less than intelligent, not so safe, fairly unhealthy things after the bell rang- I think that “Skins” was an egregious misrepresentation of our nation’s youth.

Plus, the acting was terrible.  More offensive than the content of the show, really.

UPDATE:  In the week since “Skins” premiered, with 3.3 million viewers, four advertisers have rescinded support for the program.  Additionally, after the second episode aired on Monday night, “Skins” lost 52% of their audience.




2 responses

28 01 2011

let me just say, MTV have ripped of a brilliant BBC series!
set in the UK, the original worked… this is not even close to being campareable!
the lack of viewers is the proof!

19 02 2011

your good

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