I Can Sync an iPod, But I Can’t Tie My Shoes

28 01 2011

Apparently elementary school kids are smarter than me.

At least that’s how I feel after reading Nick Jackson’s article in The Atlantic this week.

2,200 mothers from 10 countries, who had access to the internet and child between the ages of two and five, were polled.  There was an obvious disparity in the “life skills” passed on by moms who are older (greater) or younger (fewer) than 35.
The findings are startling; 58% of the kids could play a computer game, but not ride a bike. 5% more kids could open a web browser than knew how to swim. 19% can operate a smartphone, while only 9% can tie their own shoelaces.


I’m not sure whether this is positive or negative for our futures… I expected that my children would be more technologically hip than even my generation, but this study suggests that the next generation will not only be more gadget-wise but will probably figure out a way replace dear old Mom with a robot.




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