You want government funding? Move your channel to Cuba.

23 02 2011

The LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Wall Street Journal and ABC News all leapt on the industry cause du jour of late- GOP attempts to cut funding to public media, namely NPR and PBS.

I’d like to know where the line is drawn  between the state-run medias of China, Cuba, and North Korea- and the government of the United States providing funding to National Public Radio and Public Broadcast Service.

I understand that we by no means have the censorship boards of any of the above Communist sects-  but I think we are flirting with disaster by allowing any government funding (especially in this economy) to continue to any news services claiming to be independent.

”]As someone who is involved with the creation and consumption of news, I was disturbed to know that the “National” in NPR and “Public” in PBS were literal.  I haven’t been able to drum up actual figures of what they have each recieved to date, and what the potential cut will mean for their business- so if anyone has that info please comment and I will continue my investigation!

Additionally, as a registered Republican, it occurred to me that if an outlet like, oh, say, FoxNews, were to expect or recieve government funding for their work- people would go batshit crazy. 
I know there are unspoken alliances (political or otherwise) in every avenue of social life, but I cannot understand how people on either side of the fence are so blind to, and so quick to deny, the hypocrisy and the double standards.




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