New Music Fixes Everything!

5 04 2011

Today started out as a sincerely terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I got up at 6:30am for work, only to arrive there and promptly be sent home. Their schedule was, inexplicably, different from the copy I had. Wonderful I delayed my assignments in order to go to bed early because I absolutely loathe getting up any time before 9am (and when I say 9 I really mean 11!), and this happens.  You would think a major corporation like __[Name Witheld]__ would have their act  together a little more!  Not so. 
Can’t wait to leave… gave them my official letter of resignation this morning!  So perhaps the trip over was not a total loss.

Moving on,  I was way to jacked and angry to go  back to bed, so I attempted to finish the draft of a profile due in my magazine writing class (JRL366 @ SUNY Albany).  That would have been a lovely use of my time, if my subject had responded to my follow-up questions.  He still hasn’t, although the class came and went.

Highlight #1 of the Day came in said magazine class, when the teacher released us 45minutes early.

To the library I went, as I have neglected my blog as of late. There really just aren’t enough hours in the day…
Anyway, I logged into Youtube as I often do for a little amusing background noise while I write here.   That’s where Highlight #2 of the Day came.

I love Michael Buckley, like more than what some would consider normal and/or appropriate, so of course I clicked on his page to see if perhaps there was an upload I somehow missed. That doesn’t happen often, as I am a proud subscriber, but I like to make sure!  Well it turns out I was an episode behind in his second season of BUCK FACTOR.

Of the five artists showcased, two really got to me.

Enter: Brian O’Reilly (BriBryOnTour)

Reasons I loved him immediately:
– Sense of Humor
– Sense of Adventure
– Music is honest, thoughtful
Raises money for cancer ward of Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital in honor of his friend Ross Nugent
– Miles more real than those Buried Life guys on MTV
– Adorable accent !


Enter: Harry and Alfie.


Reasons I loved them immediately:
– They’re pretty cute.
– They’re Irish.
– They write their own material.
– They play several instruments.
– They seem like genuinely nice, grateful people.
– & I generally agree with everything Buck says!


So I will be encouraging everyone I know to give them a listen, and I will be spending any free time for the rest of the week making my way through all of their 100+ videos.  

Let me know if you like Harry & Alfie too!
Or share links in the comment section to independent bands/artists you’re digging right now.  Thanks!

Highlight #3 came in the form of a wonderful chicken quesadilla I made myself for dinner!  Yum! It’s the little  things =)




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