What The Hell, Kate Hudson?

24 04 2011

 Kate Hudson. Kaaaaaate Hudson.

 With the Oscar-winning role of Penny Lane in Almost Famous as distant a memory as razor scooters or Juicy Couture sweatpants (all of which date back to 2000), I find myself less and less likely to jump in and sing her praises. Honestly, I’m embarassed when friends skim though my DVD collection, stopping to comment on the fact that I own How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

 That foray into rom-com land in early 2003 was forgivable — as Hudson played the adorable, clumsy, passionate Andie Anderson with just enough depth to make her endearing and relatable. Also, the role of

 But it’s 2011 and Hudson has a slew of flops and sleepers on her resume, going from bad to worse: Alex & Emma. You, Me and Dupree. Fool’s Gold. My Best Friend’s Girl.

The vapid, stereotypical, over-the-top Bride Wars (2009) seemed like it would be the breaking point, that we would have to accept that Hudson had become one of the Hollywood types that doesn’t get better with age, but rather, does this job for the hours and the paycheck. (Which is a hefty one, Hudson receives about $8 mil per film)

I read good things about her performance in 2010’s The Killer Inside Me co-starring Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba, but that movie went right to DVD after making the rounds at the Berlin, Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals.
No amount of positive buzz could make me watch this intensely violent psychological thriller, whose budget was about $13 million and US gross a little more than $1 mil over a six-week period. Rough.

Maybe the new baby and part-time relocation across the pond with beau Matt Bellamy will give her the break she needs and renewed focus audiences deserve.

To drive home my point, I will share with you the latest Hudson venture — Something Borrowed, opening May 6.

Fingers crossed that Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski can save this one; because Kate Hudson as the hot but indecisive and manipulative best friend is getting old. Just like she is.




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