BEP Disappoints NYC

11 06 2011

I got a feeling… that your fans won’t forget this!

The Black Eyed Peas were set to play Central Park on Thursday night, only to cancel minutes after fans were allowed onto the Great Lawn.  The show had been delayed for thunderstorms, but was eventually called off three hours after it was supposed to start.

Although the Peas have underwhelmed as of late (notably as the tedious half-time show at this year’s Superbowl), 60,000 people were expected at the benefit performance.
Tween crossover sensation Taylor Swift, British import Natasha Bedingfield, classic crooner Tony Bennett and folk favorite Carole King were among several guests set to share the stage.

Some of the 20,000 concertgoers had stood in line through 6 hours of high temps (Manhattan peaked at 94 degrees yesterday afternoon) and tremendous rains in the evening.

Thursday night BEP and anti-BEP tweets began trending on social network Twitter, with fans communicating the status of the show’s start as well as their frustration in the wake of its cancellation. (Think about it: Hailing a cab on the West Side in normal conditions is difficult!)  Fans also reportedly chanted “We Won’t Go!” after authorities forced them out of the area.

The Robin Hood Foundation, a 22-year-old philanthropic organization based in NYC, was to benefit from the show. On their website, said only “We are sad to announce that the Concert 4 NYC has been cancelled due to inclement weather. Thank you for your support.”

No “rain date” (pun intended) has been announced.




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