MTV Premieres Another RW/RR Challenge (Sans Road Rulers)

23 06 2011

Rejoice one and all, a new season of The Challenge is upon us!

Arguably the greatest moment of the season has already aired, in the first minutes of Rivals when host TJ Lavin walks forth from the shadows. Lavin suffered severe injuries when he crashed during an October 2010 BMX event in Nevada, and although he has recovered it was unclear whether he would be up to The Challenge (bad pun intended).

“The Real World” is the Godfather of the American reality show, and while in recent years it’s number of polarizing characters has waned, the kids from the early years still make an impact. We all miss The Miz, Mark and Coral, but Bananas, Kenny and Evelyn really do make the hour-long episodes worth your while.

If you are a ‘veteran,’ as they say, of MTV’s competition series, you will be particularly interested in this installment, as the disputes and tensions from locations past are at the forefront of Rivals. And there are plenty of beefs to go around, keeping in mind the many blowouts of  the Duels, Gauntlets and Infernos, to name a few. 

Those of you in the loop with the Challenge regulars will notice that not one Road Rule-r remains, as the cast members have largely aged-out of these type of shenanigans and no new season have aired since 2007.

Duos like CT and Adam, Aneesa and Robin, Kenny and Wes will face off in obstacles of endurance and activities of intelligence with only their greatest enemies to help in their quest.  The very agreement to participate requires a type of mature compromise not usually demonstrated on this show.

Overconfident rookies are a staple of every season, and Rivals is no different. The first challenge, in which the pairs have to jump from a platform over a waterfall for distance, novice guys and newbie girls took the top spots. (Jasmine/Jonna from RR:Cancun, and Leroy/Adam R. from RR:LasVegas)

In celebrating the win, Adam got a little big for his britches and confronted Ty, of The RR: Washington, DC. Adam swung, knocked over unfortunate bystander Mandi, and was immediately sequestered by field producers.  Almost as a consolation for his partner’s instability, Leroy was given a new teammate: best friend and fellow-Vegas alum, Michael.

Groundwork for alliances has already been laid, and new rivalries already sparked.  The teaser for this season, aired after episode one, looks like even the pros are going to be caught up in the usual dramatic nonsense. 





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