No No No, Another Musical Icon Lost

25 07 2011

Undeniably talented but plagued by her addictions, the five-time Grammy winner became the latest member of the 27 Club Saturday.

The British-born singer Amy Winehouse, a waif of a woman with an enormous voice,  was found dead early on July 23, allegedly by her long-time bodyguard Ray Grange. The London Ambulance Service responded to her home address in Camden Square. 

Many initial reports of the incident claimed Winehouse had reverted to old behaviors and died by overdose. However, a preliminary investigation by London police revealed no paraphernalia to be in the home.

Reportedly in treatment as recently as June, with the Priory Clinic, another item of speculation circulating is that the termination of Winehouse’s rocky relationship with director Reg Traviss played a part in her final fall off the wagon. It is said that after many efforts to turn Amy’s life around, Traviss realized he couldn’t help her help herself, and he ended their year-long romance.

Authorities confirmed the presence of alcohol, fueling theories that Winehouse drank herself to death.

No official cause of death has been announced, pending a post-mortem examination (autopsy) scheduled for sometime Monday.  Her mother Janis has expressed obvious saddness, but also admitted to a lingering intuition that she would outlive her only daughter — quoted on PerezHilton as saying  “it was only a matter of time.”




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