Crystal Harris Kicks Hef While He’s Down

27 07 2011

Playboy’s Runaway bride herself Crystal Harris chose to further disrespect the man that made her famous today, by chatting with Sirius XM’s star Howard Stern.

Laughing, sometimes nervously, while being grilled by Stern and Co., Harris revealed little about her feelings leading to the abrupt breakup.

People magazine quoted Harris as saying her intimate life with Hefner was a sham, “I’m not turned on by Hef, sorry.”
Harris alleges that sex with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner lasted “like two seconds. Then I was just over it,” she says. ” I was over it. I just like, walked away.”
Harris claimed the pair, who were together for about 18 months, had sex just once.

Last month, just five days before the wedding, Harris slipped out of the (in)famous Playboy Mansion — casually telling guests and property staff that she was going to Walgreens (E! News coverage).

Harris’ claims that  “I love Hef. I cared about Hef. I always will. We had a good time together,” do little to excuse the interview with Stern.

Following their split, Hefner seemed to be looking on the bright side when he tweeted, “I think I just missed a bullet.”


I was never a big fan of THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR, but particularly paid no attention to the series following the exit of endearing threesome of Holly, Bridget and Kendra. Those twins [Kristina and Karissa Shannon] were troublesome trash from the start, and it turns out so was Crystal!

Harris’ behavior as a whole was without thoughtful planning or consideration for anyone but herself. But it must be noted that her second mistake in the runaway bride situation was running off to Las Vegas — aka  Holly Madison town.
Hefner’s most famous ex was adamant about her concerns when news of the engagement broke last Christmas, and I’d imagine there was a fleeting moment of “I knew it!” vindication when this came to light. And I’m just sayin’, but “Holly’s World” could have had a serious ratings boost had the two run into eachother that fateful Saturday.

Another error in judgement was spending what was to be her wedding day with none other than the reality trainwreck herself, Heidi Montag… but I’ll let that one go.

 This woman somehow thinks this publicity is going to parlay into a singing and serious modelling career…  I think she has about five more minutes of left over fame until everyone turns the cameras off.
There are more relevant centerfolds for paparazzi to tail and there will certainly be other girls benefitting from Hef’s social power.

My final thought:   Kendra Wilkinson should kick your ass, you ungrateful famewhore.


Check out some footage from Crystal Harris’ ridiculous appearance on The Howard Stern Show below:




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12 10 2014
today show on nbc television

Good article, I will rewrite it on my page(of course with backlink)

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