Sympathy to an Extent: Stars Who Attention-Seek

8 08 2011

No matter how delicately I try to word this, it is going to sound mean – so lets just jump right in, shall we?

I saw on People that Giuliana (formerly DePandi) and Bill Ranic are yet again trying to have a baby.
Good for them, if that’s what they want.

I commend their strength in sharing the loss of one pregnancy publically, but they are truly bringing more stress into their lives by sharing intimate details about the struggle to concieve.

During one of several appearances on “The View,” Giuliana admitted “…my doctor recommended that I gain weight in order to start ovulating consistently,” which was something the E! News anchor had trouble with because of her fit lifestyle and job pressure. “I finally did gain five pounds,” she said.

To that, co-host Whoopi Goldberg ventured “You know what? You want to have a baby, you need to prepare your body for that other person who’s going to be there.”

Mrs. Rancic fired back in a subsequent statement/interview, “I did gain weight and I still didn’t have a kid.

Bill and Giuliana Rancic, married in 2008.

I’m not a doctor, clearly.

But I worked with girl a few years ago who most certainly had (has) an eating disorder. She reguarly went without a period and frequently feared an unexpected pregnancy because of said inconsistency.  This, I have learned, is called an “anovulatory menstrual cycle.”   Her doctor told her she needed to eat better (or at all) in order to have a normal cycle and life.

So I don’t buy Giuliana’s claims that “it’s all [my] age.

Yes, women over 30 have a 15% decline in fertility each month, with serious health risks challenging those who attempt to become mothers in the neighborhood of 40.

But there are factors at play that make one’s womb inhospitable including PID, PCOS, inborn genital tract abnormalities, eating disorders/malnutrition, alcohol/drug use, stress, and intense exercise.

Her verbalized hesitation and percieved inflexibility to pack it on to get pregnant, suggest to me that her nightly gig as Seacrest’s sidekick on E! are more important to her than motherhood.

I am torn as to what is my own arguement related to this story.
Do I think they are stressing themselves out of success by sharing such personal information with the national media? Do I think she just wants to put a face on a problem many women in this country face? Do I think they are devaluing the amazing act of adopting? Do I think Joan Rivers should tell her to STFU? Do I think I’m an idiot for bothering to read about her at all when she’s barely famous?
YES on all counts.

You want a baby and a family and a normal life?
Get a grip, get out of Hollywood, get out of the papers and get off  TV.




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