Has-beens Make Poor Choices Too

14 08 2011

Former child-actor Orlando Brown, now 23, best known as Eddie Thomas on Disney’s hit That’s So Raven, was arrested this weekend on suspicion of DUI.

Rumors are circulating, as the news spreads online, that Brown was pulled over for a routine traffic violation (no license plate) when officers smelled alcohol in his vehicle. It has also been reported that Brown’s pregnant girlfriend was a passenger during the stop, and he was released on $15,000 bail early Saturday morning.

Brown’s current manager, Reno Rankin, told the UK Daily Mail, “He was released on his own recognizance…  In his house, he had two glasses of wine. The car was his friend’s. She was leaving and he went out to talk to her, and he sat in the driver’s seat.  He also was not in a moving vehicle, but when the cops pulled up he was sitting behind the wheel. He is going to attend his court date and is innocent until proven guity.”

In 2007 Brown was arrested for drug possession after marijuana was discovered in his 1992 Acura Integra during a routine traffic stop (his headlights were off).

Brown last made headlines in April 2008 when he disappeared for about 48 hours.

Orlando Brown’s other entertainment credits include voiceover work on Disney’s The Proud Family (as Sticky Webb), Family Matters (as 3J), and in the Marlon Wayan’s film Major Payne (as Cadet “Tiger”).




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