Idiots Do Indeed Run the World

25 08 2011

I haven’t shopped at Old Navy for quite some time, not because their clothing isn’t cute, but because in my experience it falls apart after about three washes.

Whomever was the final link in the chain is for signing off on the designs for the fall line of classic collegiate athletic tees, should be fired.

Old Navy product screen capture (via NYDailyNews)

Yahoo! Shine staffer Piper Weiss says it is a simple oversight.  My college English and journalism professors would beg to differ!

The presence or lack of an apostrophe, or comma or any punctuation, totally changes [the meaning of] the intended word.

This sort of inattention to detail is just fuel for the fire of kid’s fEeLinG tHe NeEd To tYpE LyKkE tHiiSs  and like you know like talk sort of like a half brain-dead Valley girl or like something like thaaat.




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