That Ain’t Yo Mama’s Wedding Announcement

19 01 2012

I’m not your typical swoon-at-babies, gasp-over-rings, weep-at-weddings kind of girl.

But I’d be lying if I said that last week’s Yahoo! gallery of Disney-inspired pictoral engagement announcements didn’t bring a wide smile to my face.

I adore the “Up” spread,

and the boldness of the “Toon Town” edits.



In light of these highly creative and hip I went searching through the bowels of Google for others who have struck out of the box to share their special news.  Amongst other things, I learned that mini-movies are so 2010.


1.  Nicholas Sparks approved!  This clever card was designed by Wedding Paper Divas (as seen on Bridal Guide)

2. These adorable message in a bottle make your guests work a little for their invites! 
(Found on Lovelio, available for purchase through The Original Message in a Bottle Shop)

3. Repurposing a poster or scene from a favorite movie is very creative!
This couple used an image from the iconic film “It’s A Wonderful Life” (Shared via Flickr)

4.  Not even the Zombie Apocolypse could stop these two from marrying.
The 2011 Amanda Rynda sequence is best seen in it’s entirety…  here.




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