People Magazine is EMBARRASSING

24 01 2012

As you may know, I cancelled my subscription to People magazine, like a year ago. But I haven’t stopped thumbing through it at the store or checking out the events of the day on their website.  Instead of items pulling me back in, I am continually disappointed with the content/presentation and glad that I stopped giving them over $100 a year.

This weekend I found the online edition of the long-time human interest publication was displaying all linked content in mobile format… Which was really annoying.

Today, whilst trying my hand at the celebrity feud quiz, I saw this:

The question is “Which Teen Mom disapproved of Kourtney Kardashian’s second pregnancy?”
(The answer, of course, is Farrah Abraham.)

My issue is with Choice #1, “Amber Portwood” — The picture at upper left IS NOT Amber Portwood.

I don’t understand what is going on with this magazine!

It’s not that I’m all butthurt about them getting one of the Teen Mom’s wrong… I have a life. But as a journalist, I’m dumbfounded as to how a mistake like this could be made. If the girls are important enough to write about, you should know who they are! And not just by name, because YOU are the one adding visual aids!

People across the country have been carrying on ridiculously, almost outraged, saying that MTV and these girls are glorifying teen motherhood and setting bad examples for other young girls (have a baby = get on TV).  But the media is guilty of perpetuating this situation by including them in celebrity gossip and trivia!


Anyway, I don’t know who the girl in the picture is, I certainly don’t recognize her from the other seasons of “16 & Pregnant” (from which “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2” are spinoffs).   Any ideas, guys?




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