Say What You Will About Tim Tebow…

24 01 2012

…but the guy is good people.

I haven’t seen the ESPN documentary yet, but the CNN write up was all I needed to be convinced of his potential iconicism.  Leading the Broncos (8-8) to the playoffs, after a 6-game winning streak from Weeks 9-14, didn’t hurt either.

The kicker of Steve Almasy’s article hits you right in the heart:
    One of the things Tebow does to stay grounded is to host a child from the Make-a-Wish foundation every week. He meets with his guest before each game and take him or her on the field. After the contest — win or lose — they hang out, talk and cut up.
     You know, to give the kid some hope.


 I went to college for journalism, so I know a thing or two about how media outlets are supposed to print/broadcast the truth.   But I also have a brain, which has a tendency to be skeptical, so I don’t believe everything I read.

I did a little digging on the above statement and found out the Heisman winner is more in demand right now than Mickey Mouse.  So much so that 8 months ago Tebow’s inner circle formed it’s own charitible organization, Wish 15, to work in conjuncture with Florida’s own “Dreams Come True” foundation, based in Jacksonville — Tebow’s hometown — Wish 15 facilitates the meetings of terminally ill children with the QB.

Tebow has said, “I am always humbled and honored that there are children whose wish is to spend time with me. I always walk away confident that I am the one who was blessed to be around such strong and courageous children.”


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