Whats in Paula Deen’s Belly, Is None of Your Business

26 01 2012

I’m kind of having a “Leave Britney Alone” moment here…

People magazine (I know, I’m really sticking it to them this week) set up a poll this afternoon to ask readers whether Paula Deen should be seen eating a cheeseburger whilst cruising the Mediterranean.

Not “for her own well being, should she eat a burger?” Should she be seen eating a burger.

They don’t care if she takes care of herself, they care whether she looks like she’s taking care of herself… And that is a problem.

We ask people on television, film, and even high-profile authors, to be role models. Upstanding citizens. Nice people.
Well,  sometimes they’re not. And we have to accept that.
Just because they have a skill. a talent,  or something interesting to say, doesn’t mean they should be immediately iconised.

This hoopla over her announcement about having type-2 diabetes, has got to stop. Or at the very least take a classier turn. Nick Jonas is a diabetic, he participates in PSAs and charity events for the cause… People doesn’t post a picture and ask everyone to criticize him any time he comes out of Starbucks or In’N’Out!  The double standards overwhelm me.

The media, and certain food/travel personality, are attacking her as if she were a wayward member of their own family. There is a such thing as being too harsh on a stranger!

What she eats, and whether she maintains her disease responsibly, are literally none of our business.






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