Tyler Shields is a raging psychopath

20 06 2012

So I wasn’t really jazzed when E! was promoting the new show Mrs. Eastwood & Company, but I ended up catching bits of the first few episodes… I don’t hate it. I’m not sure who thought up this program (though I suspect Seacrest had a tiny hand in it!), the family seems amusing enough but I doubt anyone in E!’s young demographic was dying to know about Clint Eastwood’s second wife.

Dina Eastwood is a pretty cool lady. 
After growing up in a working-class family in Castro Valley, CA, she received a degree in broadcast journalism from San Francisco State.  She worked at various locally oriented stations through the early 90s, before meeting and marrying Eastwood in 1996. Dina would go on to host an educationally based television program “Quest for Excellence” in 1998.

I find that Dina is full of energy, investing herself fully into whatever task lay at hand. I hesitate to say she comes off as too pleased with her status as A-List spouse, because she imparts very reasonable lessons whilst trying to reign in her privileged daughters.

She seems to have a true journalist spirit, interests across the board and a deep-seeded desire to learn about them all. The project of the moment being manager to South African a cappella boyband ‘Overtone,’ to whom she was introduced while accompanying Clint on location for Invictus (2009).

Also featured on the reality show are Dina’s “company.”
Step-daughter Francesca Fisher-Eastwood (18), daughter Morgan (15), Lisa Thrash (family housekeeper), the 6 guys of ‘Overtone,’ and Francesca’s insane liar of a boyfriend, photographer Tyler Shields (30).

And that brings me to my topic: TYLER SHIELDS.

Within minutes of his first appearance on the screen, I knew he was bad news. And I couldn’t help but wonder why his name was so familiar…  Behold the magic of Google. Shields is a professional photographer/artist, known publicly for his highly controversial pictorials with a gun-toting Lindsay Lohan and battered Heather Morris.


The Florida native was previously a ranked vert skater, having participated in the X-Games and tours with the Godfather of Skateboarding, Tony Hawk.
With no formal training to speak of, Shields seems to have fallen into his (current) profession the way so many people caught their breaks in the early 2000s: via Myspace. He has been deemed “young Hollywoods favorite photographer” by several online outlets, including PopEater, Celebuzz and the Daily Mail.

 I am stunned at the number of up-and-comers who pose for/with him. They seek Shields out, perhaps behind the backs of their management, in order to get the thrill of working with the crazy blood guy.

Well this guy is so egomaniacal, on Sundays episode he went so far as to tell Dina Eastwood he was a doctor when one of Morgan’s young friends was injured in the family swimming pool. (Her nose was bloody, though not broken.)  He has Francesca totally under a spell. She stated in an interview for the episode that he is “the one.”
I think he’s “the one” who is going to dump her when he gets where he wants to be. Dating the daughter of one of the most prolific actor/directors alive today, and appearing on the family’s reality show, is a great way to market himself.
And that fact has NOT escaped Shields’ consciousness.  The shock value of his work right now is not going to garner him the staying power of other and historical significance of David LaChappelle or Andres Serrano.

Francesca Eastwood, who has already posed for Shields in two not-so-safe scenarios (hanging precariously off a bridge and mutilating a $100k flaming handbag with a chainsaw), could end up in jail — as the cast of The CW’s Vampire Diaries found themselves in 2009 after a night romp in Georgia with Shields– or worse, as death threats for the pair have flown in since the artistic incident aired on June 10.

The latest episode also revealed that Shields is not “close” with his own family, therefore excited at the prospect of being accepted by the Eastwoods. His own family probably recognized those sociopathic tendencies and flair for the grandiose that Dina picked up on.
Subsequently, Dina declared that she never wanted to be in the same room with him again. Easier said than done when you’re (literally) on an island.




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13 06 2013

Shields will never be accepted by the Eastwoods, at least not by the only Eastwood who matters: Clint. Clint Eastwood despises Tyler Shields with a burning passion and has threatened Francesca that if she is ever stupid enough to marry the “f***ing loser” he will cut her out of his will permanently. A very important thing to know is that Shields is a Scientologist and has been assigned to bring Francesca, her brother, and stepmother into the cult in a desperate attempt to reel in Clint. It won’t work. Clint knows exactly what Scientology is and will never get involved. He worked very hard to get Dina into a real, legitimate rehab facility recently when she was almost convinced to go to Scientology’s Narconon for her issues instead.

PS, Shields actually managed to reel Lohan into Scientology briefly but Scientology actually threw her out because they knew that she was uncontrollable and would bring nothing but bad PR.

11 07 2013

Wendy, I so appreciate your comments! I had no idea that TS was a Scientologist, but found some great articles thanks to your input. I have a post in the works regarding that “religion,” as I recently finished Jenna Miscavige Hill’s book. That organization is simultaneously fascinating and horrifying.

30 07 2013
sarah james

Narconon has been responsible for more than one death. So glad Dena did not go there. Tyler is bad news for Francesca. I hope she figures it out. I read Beyond Belief last month, not a book I will ever forget. Strange timing with Leah Remini leaving the cult. Have you looked into the death of Lisa McPherson? So awful. The cult is creepy.

30 07 2013
sarah james

I should have said Narconon allegedly responsible for the deaths. Litigation is in progress. It is my understanding, originally the petition only mentioned narconon but the revised suit includes scientology and chairman of the board himself, David Miscavige. I will scream from the roof tops- scientology is a cult, but I want them to be fairly tried and convicted for their crime against humanity.

30 07 2013
sarah james

Hillary Ann Holten age 21 died april 11, Gabriel Graves age 32 died oct. 26, 2011 and Stacey Dawn Murphy age 20 died July 19. From what I have read Stacey had a medical condition which went untreated because scientologists believe you bring illness on yourself. They treat illness with vitamins and high doses of niacin.

14 11 2014
ve may bay

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