On A Serious Note…

21 06 2012

Upon learning of the announcement that hundreds of thousands (millions, depending who you ask) of illegal immigrants would be immediately free of reproach, thanks to President Barack Hussein Obama’s reform, I immediately thought I hope this works out as well as when he swore to remove every US soldier from the Middle East as soon as he took office. Because that “promise” was made nearly 5 years ago and it has yet to come to fruition.

So it appears as though Barack has waited until the bell’s about to ring to really enact anything substantial, what with that whole Health Care initiative held up at the Supreme Court and all.
Advocacy groups and liberal causes have rejoiced, as the announcement comes just ahead of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the border business over in Arizona — which no doubt will have national ramifications regardless of its verdict.
Michael Medved, writing for Townhall.com, notes that “This unilateral action arrogantly defies the will of Congress and undermines the concept of ‘earned legalization’ and other proposals essential for real reform. ”  (The term “earned legalization,” he mentions, refers to a quashed proposal by former President George W. Bush some years ago.)

Nathan Pippenger of The New Republic breaks it down nicely:   “People who were brought to the United States at a young age; who count America as their home country; who, though here illegally, are not here as a result of intentionally breaking the law. They will now be able to come forward and apply for deferred action, which will grant them relief from deportation for two years. They’ll also be able to apply for work authorization, so they can support themselves as well. “

My problem with this is, at its core, the lamest argument used in every immigration-related instance: Foreign bodies, regardless of origin, are taking up jobs that American-born citizens are in desperate need of. Particularly now.

What’s more? I am one-year out of a public university and the whole higher education bit left a bad taste in my mouth.
These people, just got the grand welcome from our nation’s leader, to fill up enrollment spaces and use scholarship funds that your neighbors are being passed over for.
I was raised in a comfortable, though by no means well-off, family and it was not only expected but sort of demanded that I pursue a degree.  Four years in college taught me several things about the impossibility of “reverse-racism,” but I’m white (Irish/German/typical) so I wasn’t offered a cent.   I am currently about $30,000 in debt, give or take the interest, because of the loans I had to take out to pay for school. I understand that I’m not the only person in this position, but it’s such a flawed system!  I could die tomorrow, and someone would still have to figure out a way to pay my $405 a month to four companies for the next ten years. 
Can’t someone prioritize reforming that institution before we let more people contribute to the massive student loan debt in the US?
Everyone applying to college makes decent/good grades, everyone takes the SATs, and everyone writes the entrance essays. What gets you in and what gets you money, is what sets you apart. And what sets you apart is what’s obvious: your race.  This practice, acknowledged or not, is doomed to continue now, especially with the President of the Free World deeming an education a right rather than the earned privilege and accomplishment that it should be.

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I am a registered Republican, but I am by no means a fanatical right-winger you see on the news. But I’ll be honest, I never really bought into the rumblings that Obama was a socialist until now. This declaration about immigration is, as I say, bad news bears.
I truly believe this man has intentions for this nation that are destructive to its foundation and will set us on an irreparable course.
I don’t mean to diminish or derecognize the fact that this country was built by immigrants. I get it; we could all be British, or German, or whatever if it weren’t for the melting pot that spilled forth from Ellis Island and the forces used to defend us from subsequent threats.
But I can’t help but feel like… we’re full. It drives me crazy that so many people feel they are entitled to come in as they please, with no regard for protocol, and then drain our tax dollars using services they haven’t contributed to in any way! I think social programs like welfare, Medicaid and the like should exist, but right now they are suffering because they are being abused.
Budgets are getting tighter and resources are being trimmed or closed entirely… it seems unfair to ask our natural-born citizens to continue to suffer when there are plenty of options for rectifying our financial predicament.

There is so much wrong on a domestic level, I cannot wrap my head around this country’s need (apparently regardless of party affiliation because giving money and bodies to overseas conflicts is a recurring action) to be an international fixer force. And now we’ve just opened our doors to illegal aliens. Thanks, Barack.




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