DVD Review: Girlfriend

8 09 2012

Independent drama and film-festival darling “Girlfriend,” starring Evan Sneider and Shannon Woodward, was equal parts beautiful and gut-wrenching. I was on-board with the whole narrative until the last 5 minutes.

“Girlfriend” tells the story of a recently orphaned young-adult with Down syndrome as he pursues his high school crush, now a down-on-her-luck single-mother juggling a violent love-triangle, in a lower-middle-class backwoods town.

Director Justin Lerner had an amazing cast with whom to tell the story, including the awkwardly brilliant Amanda Plummer, intense Jackson Rathbone and honest newcomer Evan Sneider.
Shannon Woodward evolves with each of her projects, on film and television. She can do so much! Woodward brings a deep range and control of anxiety, compassion, and calculated risk to the role of Candy.


“Girlfriend,” filmed in 2010, holds a 98% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
The Hollywood Reporter concludes “Writer-director Lerner does not overdo the melodrama, and he derives considerable suspense from the notion that Evan’s behavior could become extreme. Sneider handles scenes of tenderness, mystery and anger with much skill, and the director shrewdly lets the young actor’s expressive eyes carry key scenes.  Woodward matches him, playing an easily tempted woman who discovers within herself a degree of grace she might not have suspected was there. It requires considerable delicacy, and Woodward nails it. Rathbone, too, gives his jealous lover a measure of subtlety that adds depth to his character.”




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