Continually Making Facebook ‘Better’ Aggrivates Users

5 08 2013

Yahoo News! reported today on yet another pending change to the Facebook we know and hate to love: unavoidable video ads on your news feed.

n4_34869703_9648Though the ads will allegedly run a mere 15 seconds, and be limited to 3 spots per day for each user, it does (again) pose a pretty nagging question: Does Mark Zuckerberg care more about making money, or about his user’s preferences?  (I think we know the answer.)

Past upgrades and adjustments to the social networking giant have proven unwanted, but the uproar usually dies down quickly.  From tickers to check-ins, timeline and incessant game invitations, we have apparently all opted to roll with the punches since we obviously aren’t willing to give up our profiles.
A 2011 planned site boycott, “Quit Facebook Day,” yielded just over 40,000 participants. That figure is barely a drop in the bucket, considering that about 250 million users log on each dayDoes Zuckerberg and other Fb honchos think that they have such a hold on us that they can do whatever they like?

I for one miss having the option to ‘throw a sheep’ at someone, record a (usually silly, potentially intoxicated) video wall post, or fill my sidebar with obnoxious ‘bumper stickers.’ Where did those fun features go? By the wayside, to make room for the short-lived “See Friendship” option, the cover page, and stats from Candy Crush Saga.

I think Zuckerberg created (I hesitate to use the word invented, for fear of litigation from the Winklevii. I kid! They’re kind of adorable in all their simmering rage.) a good site. A site we didn’t know we needed.  But I suspect there is significant pressure from his now-ginormous company, and all the folks that came on board to help run it, for him to continue to make great innovations.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is obviously not a memo they pass around.
I can understand that complacency is not acceptable in today’s technological world, but it’s our own fault this is the mentality. Your iPhone does NOT need to be upgraded every 7 months, nor does Apple need to be releasing a $400 device with minimal adjustments with such frequency. (Is outdoing yourself really an accomplishment?)




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