Hail from Dutchess County. Oldest of 3 kids. No pets.
UAlbany grad – JRL Major, Eng&Art Minors.
Interested in several aspects of the news media, photojournalism, PR, and even advertising.

As a “blogger,” I am a work in progress- never had a blog before, always sort of struggled with the aspects of self-importance. I know I can write, and for the most part enjoy doing so; I just never had the urge to put it online… but here it is. Additional content available at http://lauralikedthatmovie.tumblr.com


2 responses

30 09 2014

I was wondering what spurred your original interest in the Kelli Stapleton case.

9 10 2014

The moment I read the headline on People magazine’s website, my stomach dropped. I was appalled and saddened for her children and spouse… but the real fire started when I read her blog. Kelli Stapleton is a sociopath and I felt compelled to contribute to the white noise of media coverage to make clear she did not (and still does not) deserve any one’s sympathy.

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