While an undergraduate at SUNY-University at Albany I have studied several areas of journalism, with specific concentrations on visual and digital media.

Courses taken:
AJRL 100 – Foundations of Journalism & Media Studies
Instructed by Darryl McGrath, of METROLAND
Several assignments (more essay format than journalism).
AJRL 200z – Introduction to Reporting & News Writing
Instructed by Shirley Perlman, formerly of NEWSDAY
       Assignments included writing of obituaries, profiles, and crime reports.
AJRL 220 – Visual Culture
Instructed by Thomas Bass, noted author and contributor to THE NEW YORKER and THE NEW YORK TIMES
       Final project was examination of violence against women in the media, specifically how the issue is presented on film and television, and how stars who are victims or offenders are treated by the press.
AJRL 270x – Introduction to Information Strategies
Instructed by Lainey Salisbury, author and correspondent for the AP and Reuters.
       Semester-long research on the flow of information. Applied findings to the media coverage of the JonBenet Ramsey case (Power-Point presentation): what we thought we knew, versus what we now (think we) know.
AJRL 308z – Narrative and Descriptive Journalism
Instructed by Benning DeLaMater, formerly of the Berkshire Eagle
       Final project was a 2200word article examining the changes in social perspective on autism.
AJRL 366z – Magazine Writing
       Three major articles completed during 14-week semester. The first of two features examined the struggle of college students who lose a parent during their undergraduate careers; while the second chronicled the success of the website “FutureMe” and it’s creators juxtaposed with brief portraits of advice graduating college seniors had for their past and furture selves.  A profile was also completed, centering on a high school senior in upstate New York as he prepares to leave a small town for college.
AJRL 380 – Photojournalism
       Final project is a Soundslides show with images and audio from 2009 fundraising event for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
AJRL 390 – Web Publishing (Workshop)
       This blog, as well as a Twitter account, were opened for the purpose of this class. Focus on editing of audio/video interviews.  (Light work with PhotoShop, introduction to VideoSpin.)
AJRL 468z – Literary Journalism
       Several articles (travel, anthropological, memoir) completed, as well as a study of Lillian Ross (presentation).
AJRL 475 – Topics in Journalism / Opinion Writing
       Assignments ranged from personal and pursuasive essays to humor columns to restaurant and theater reviews. (Emphasis on having factual basis for any and all arguments!)
AJRL 475 – Topics in Journalism / Arts Journalism
       Assignments included television, film, or concert and album reviews, as well as attending and reporting on events in the SUNY campu and surrounding Albany area.

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