iPhone Life Saver

4 12 2010

San Gabriel Valley Tribune and LA Times report La Verne Lutheran high school basketball star Xavier Jones has his coach, Eric Cooper, and Steve Jobs to thank for saving his life.

Coach Cooper downloaded the “Phone Aid” app onto his Apple iPhone last week, and the following day had to use the CPR tips to resuscitate Jones, 17, when he collapsed at practice.

The “coincidence” has lead  to Jones’ being diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy- a condition that causes thickening of the walls of the heart- which killed a Loyola Marymount ball player in 1990.

Jones, who was supposed to play at the collegiate level for West Point Military Academy next year, isn’t dwelling on his uncertain future. He told Yahoo Sports blogger Cameron Smith, “I’m just happy to be alive.”

One remedy for Jones’ illness is to have a pacemaker implanted to his heart, which would jumpstart the muscle should another arrest take place.


“Digital Deaths” Do Little to Stave Off Disease

4 12 2010

Several celebrities, active in the Twitterverse, signed on for the “Digital Death” campaign- in which they would signoff until fans coughed up some cash for the “Keep A Child Alive” organization.

Beginning December 1, World Aids Day, Twitter and Facebook favorites Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake would “[sacrifice] their digital lives to help save millions of real lives affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.”

The website set up for this stunt, www.buylife.org, promises that “when $1,000,000 is reached, everyone will be back online and tweeting in no time.”

Promotional images of singer Alicia Keys and TV personality Ryan Seacrest for "Digital Death" campaign.

Dylan Stableford, of The Wrap, points out several flaws in this marketing scheme; “organizers put a $10 minimum on donations. Alicia Keys or Lady Gaga fans might be willing to part with a cup of coffee, but not what it would cost to download their next album on iTunes” and “keeping the celebrities off Twitter and Facebook during the donation process, the campaign is losing an enormous amount of social media marketing” from the celeb supporters themselves!

Stableford reports that as of Thursday afternoon a mere $165,835 was raised out of the desired $1,000,000.

The LA Times online is conducting a reader poll– so far 76% of participants find the campaign to be “emotional blackmail.”

Child star Danny Bonaduce had an interesting perspective on the project:
“. . . Didn’t Ryan Seacrest just sign a contract for $60 million? Do I really need Lady Gaga to tell me about her meat dress, and until she does, I have to give money? How about if these three get together and just put up $333,000 each and take care of the million bucks on their own since the American public pays their salary in the first place?”

What Were You Obsessed With This Year?

4 12 2010

Yahoo News staffers Vera Chan and Melissa O’Neil compiled a list of the people and products we couldn’t  get enough of in 2010.

The Top 3 from their list?

Apple's 4th Generation iPhone comes in black or white

Apple iPhone (Version 4)
        Despite an early appearance courteousy of a forgetful tech and a lucky  bar-goer, Gizmodo analyzed and previewed the prototype on their website in April. 

        The touchscreen device boasts video chatting, email and assorted media applications.   The 16g retails for $199, while the 32g will run you $299.


Lohan, with her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley (AP Photo)

Lindsay Lohan
     Things seemed to be turn-ing around for the troubled actress as 2009 came to a close- but her attitude of entitlement, obvious substance abuse, and repeated run-ins with the law quickly caught up with her.

The  once-adored, freckle-faced Disney darling fell from grace in 2010.
And she fell hard.
Lohan occupied her time juggling multi-million dollar lawsuits, several court appearances for parole violations, followed by a month-long stint in Lynwood Correctional Facility.

Lohan’s lifestyle has left her nearly broke, and she has few options to rejuvenate her career. Lohan was dropped from the only project to which she has been attached, a biopic of Linda Lovelace, in November.

The 24-year-old currently lives in a sober-living house affiliated with the Betty Ford Center, she is mandated by the court to stay in the program until January 3, 2011.


Steve Jobs shows off the iPad tablet (Newscom)

Apple iPad
      Apple ushered in yet another craze with their invention of the iPad- a tablet computer.  Arguably, it is merely a hybrid of a high-end smartphone and a laptop.

From April, when it was released, through October roughly 8million units were sold.  At $499 a pop, that’s about $4billion earned.

 Media application for music, movies, and magazines (to name a few) put a rest to publisher’s (& the public’s) love affair with the Amazon Kindle and BN’s Nook.  The iPad, while no more efficient in presentation or storage, has won out over the competitors. 

This week Android came out with their own tablet, just in time for the holidays, but it is unlikely that their “Power Round” will best the best.

A Final Look At Pros & Cons of Social Media

1 12 2010

The internet is ever expanding, and so is our interest in, use of, and potentially our dissatisfaction with it.

We asked several people, from twentysomethings to thirtysomethings to fortysomethings, in various vocations about their familiarity and frequency of use in today’s social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

As social sites have exceeded the original intentions of their creators- personal communications- and entered more public and sometimes professional realms, a number of things need to be considered…
the most of important of which is P R I V A C Y!  Assuming only your approved friends will see your silly and sarcastic commentary is naive. You must be aware of what you say, when, where, and who is able to view it. Get familiar with the security settings of your chosen profile platform!


 People who have benefitted or suffered from online content:
-Paul Chambers: A frustrated tweet got this Brit fired from his job, and convicted of menacing charges.

-Keenan Cahill: This teen gained quite a following for his humorous lipsyncing on Youtube… so much so that he was recently invited to appear on the nighttime talk show “Chelsea Lately.”

-Tyler Clementi: 18-year-old Rutgers student lept to his death after his college roommate secretly recorded and broadcast a romantic encounter Clementi had.

-Betty White: The veteran actress has made a comeback since her days on “The Golden Girls,” with help from a youthful spirit and youthful fans. White hosted a special Mother’s Day episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ last May, after head producer Lorne Michaels gave in to the facebook campaign by fans who wanted the 88-year-old to appear.

New Batch of Girls on “Teen Mom 2”

18 11 2010

Is MTV stupid crazy?  Does it make sense to anyone for this network, that has recieved significant criticism of late for their lack of music programming, to mess with the lineup of one of their top shows?

Executive producer of the smash hit “Teen Mom” Morgan J. Freeman told USA Today that a new cast of teen mothers, who can also be seen on the “16 & Pregnant” series, are being filmed, with no announcements yet who will be the breakout 4 families.  This docudrama will not be a re-cast, but rather a sequel to the largely popular spinoff, he says.

 ^  Season 1 Trailer for MTV’s “Teen Mom”  ^


The original “Teen Mom” girls- Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, and Amber Portwood- have been on-air since December 2009, and have raked in 3.5 million viewers per episode, with finale/reunion specials grabbing as many as 5.5 million watchers.  “Teen Mom” is the second highest rated series on the MTV network, behind only the controversial “Jersey Shore.”

Fans are fiercely loyal to each of the mom’s, with the show’s Facebook page blowing up with discussion about the changes.  Some that spoke up admit this season was a little bland, with each settling into their new roles as caregiver, but are adamant that they want to keep up with the lives of little Bentley, Carly, Sophia, and Leah.

MTV or Freeman need to clarify their intentions with this so-called sequel series, or tell us when the real Teen Moms will again be seen on Tuesday nights- or “Teen Mom 2” may suffer, and ultimately kill the cash-cow.

Lowell, Bookout, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Portwood & Abraham on set of the "Teen Mom" reunion special

Oxford’s 2010 Word of the Year…

18 11 2010

The crew over at Oxford Dictionary has picked another winner for their “Word of the Year” with Sarah Palin’s twitter brainchild: refudiate.

UPI reports that while there is evidence of the word’s existance and use before Palin shared it, she is the one to blame credit with it’s popularization.

Defined online as the marrying of “refute” and “repudiate,” the term has taken on a life of its own in the media and online. Refudiate has been likened to G.W. Bush’s “misunderestimate” and Steven Colbert’s “truthiness.”

Washington Post file photo

Four Loko

18 11 2010

Yadda yadda yadda, Four Loko isn’t safe.

Yadda yadda yadda, its a “blackout in a can.

Yadda yadda yadda, Four Loko is  banned in four states (Washington, Oklahoma, Michigan, and New York) and several university campuses across the country.

Recently, a few of my classmates used our video assignment to facilitate conversation about this ban. Surprisingly, their interviewees were pretty understanding, even supportive, of the legal injunction on Loko shipments. Therefore, while filming and presenting, the group focused on their building outrage that 20somethings are not more concerned about the government’s interference with Four Loko distribution.

Photo Credit: SeattlePi.com


If the FDA failed to properly do their job, which is to analyze the benefits/harm of new food, beverage, and diet items in the consumer market, isn’t it the obligation of the higher administration to step in?

The malt beverage, available in 9 fruity flavors, ranges from 6% – 12% alcohol per volume. Four Loko is just the most recent “alcopop” to come to the party- with products like Joose, Sparks, and Tilt already having canned caffeine and liquor.