Bethel Staff Are Bullies (Team SPAC!)

14 08 2011

Not totally sure where Perez Hilton got his tip this time, because I definitely would have looked further into this, but apparently some Selena Gomez & the Scene fans got bullied by the site security at Bethel Woods last Friday.

In the middle of “Who Says,” her current single, Gomez observed an incident in the crowd and told staffers to ” leave my fans alone!”   Gomez went on to close the number with the help of a young girl, dressed in pink, she plucked from the audience.


I don’t live too far from the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, so I have attended two or three shows at the venue before.
I would not be surprised to learn that security and/or staff got too strict with guests of the concert– they do things a little differently down there. You cannot bring in your own chairs, for example.  The intention of the facility seems to be luring elitist Manhattanites “up state.”

I saw DMB there last summer (General Admission/Lawn, $50 after tax and service charges), and it was a good time despite the uncooperative weather. What turned me off to the venue entirely were rude workers. Leaving that show, I have no intention of seeing a concert there again- I’d rather drive the extra 45 mins in the other direction (north) to Saratoga.
I was walking around with some friends, one of which was working there, and when we paused to clap following a number  — THREE staffers turned, waving their flashlights, and yelled at us to get away from the area, as it was for seated ticket holders only. We lowly lawn squatters had to skedaddle before we were “removed.”

Between the first concert I attended there (maybe as many as 8 years ago?) and the latest (13 months ago) the tone of the complex changed from that of a delightful gem nestled in the foot of the Catskills to one of a harshly modern cultural affair.
As I said, I get the impression that Bethel is trying to make itself more appealing to the NYC crowd, offering a “weekend in the country” type experience, if only just for the night.
This attitude is contradictory to it’s clientele – twentysomethings and aged-hippies in neighboring Dutchess, Ulster and Orange counties. 


Were you or someone you know AT this concert? Message me!
Anyone else have a story about their experience at Bethel?  I’d love to hear it!