Greatest Musical Numbers for Seemingly No Reason…

14 07 2014

Who doesn’t love a countdown! This list first appeared on Tumblr, it was compiled by self-appointed movie critic (and all around pop culture junkie) LauraLikedThatMovie.

Life is random, or so they say. And if life imitates art, as they also say, I guess we have to accept the blah-blah-blahs and the hit-its and the jump-backs that flesh it out.
Now, the title says “Greatest Musical Numbers for Seemingly No Reason,” not because the vibrant and loud twists to the plots are unnecessary, but because in large part they are inessential to moving said plot along. Sometimes, there just needs to be a song or dance number in a non-musical movie. Sometimes they rock, and sometimes they sting. The twenty or so listed below are the best we’ve seen…


(Lisa Kudrow, Mira Sorvino, Alan Cumming)

1919. “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling,” TOP GUN
(Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards)

“My Little Buttercup,” THE THREE AMIGOS
(Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short)

1717.  “ABC,” CLERKS 2

1616. “Say a Little Prayer for You,” MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING
(Rupert Everett & Ensemble)

1515. “You Don’t Own Me,” THE FIRST WIVES CLUB
(Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Bette Middler)

1414. “I Think I Love You,” SCREAM 2
(Jerry O’Connell)

1313. “Pocket Full of Sunshine,” EASY A
(Emma Stone)

1212. “Backstreet’s Back,” THIS IS THE END
(BSB, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson)

1111. “One Night in Bangkok,” THE HANGOVER PART II
(Mike Tyson)

1010. “I Put a Spell On You,” HOCUS POCUS
(Bette Middler)

99. “Thriller,” 13 GOING ON 30
(Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo)

88. “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN
(Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle)

77. “Grow Old with You,” THE WEDDING SINGER
(Adam Sandler)

66. “Bennie & the Jets,” 27 DRESSES
(James Marsden, Katherine Heigl)

55. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU
(Heath Ledger)

44. “Try a Little Tenderness,” PRETTY IN PINK
(Jon Cryer)

33. “We Are Not Alone,” THE BREAKFAST CLUB

22. “Bohemian Rhapsody,” WAYNE’S WORLD
(Mike Meyers, Dana Carvey)

11. “Danke Shoen/Twist & Shout,” FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF
(Matthew Broderick)





Definitely comment below if there is a spontaneous song or some cheesy choreo I need to see! The scenes included in this article are based only the films I’ve seen personally… so enlighten me if there is another number you think deserves a spot.


On My Radar

29 05 2012

Here’s a recap of some things I have been following/thinking about lately:

1.  Amanda Bynes is a HOT MESS. 

Amanda Bynes, 2008 SAG Awards

In 6 weeks time the former Nickelodeon darling has gotten a DUI and been involved in (by my count) four fenderbenders — the first of which had her sideswiping an LAPD patrol car.

Bynes, 26, has worked consistently as a comedic actor since childhood. First featuring on Nickelodeon’s Saturday night program All That, an SNL-like variety show for the tween set, before starring alongside Jennie Garth in the fan-favorite What I Like About You in 2002. Bynes was last seen on the big screen in Easy A (2010) and Hairspray (2007).

Until recently, Bynes seemed to be humble and healthy. I’m thoroughly surprised at her antics; they certainly feel more fallen-Disney-star (*cough*LiLo!*cough*) than disgraced Nick star (*cough*JamieLynn!*cough*).  I hope she pulls herself together, because I know she can continue into adulthood and be just as funny and just as successful as before.

I think it’s time for someone to ‘Ask Ashley’ about a 5-step program.


2.  John Edwards is (still) a douche.

The disgraced politico and one-time presidential hopeful has done little to change his image, or himself. In all fairness though, theres not much he could do.  You cheat on your cancer-stricken wife and have an illegitimate child with the bimbo, you get a special seat in Hell.

His trial has concluded, and (literally) the jury’s still out as to whether he violated federal law by using campaign funds to cover-up his affair with videographer Rielle Hunter.

I am STUNNED that his daughter Kate has been at his side throughout the trial, much like she was by her mother’s side as she was DYING. I am not part of their family, and want to refrain from being too judgemental, but WHAT’S UP WITH THAAAT?!!  She’s an adult. She should be able to look at the situation objectively and say “He’s still my dad… but he’s also a douche.”  He isn’t looking out for ANYONE but himself, so don’t get too wide-eyed at the possibility that if he is acquitted, he will live the rest of his life trying to atone for his flaws. He won’t.


3. Movies whose announced release dates have been moved back — This is never good!

G.I… Just Kidding

It was announced just days ago that GI Joe: Retaliation will not hit theaters June 29 as planned. They apparently decided to delay the premiere in order to apply a 3D treatment, ya know, so they can squeeze more money out of us. 

I think two things occurred to Paramount execs a little too late; they realized that the first one wasn’t great and they were going to be EMBARASSED by the continued success of The Avengers.  Also, they would have had two Tatum flicks pitted against eachother: GI Joe Retaliation and the testosterone-rich ensemble film Magic Mike.


4.  Ted Kaczynski lists convictions/sentences as achievements on Harvard Class of 1962 alumni newsletter.

I read a couple articles about this:  I chuckled to myself then I wondered for a second why it was news, before remembering how stupid and touchy people are. I think the reunion committee took the harder of two options; someone (probably a liberal) would have objected to Kaczynski’s total omission from all things related to the Class of ’62 reunion, but I’m guessing now we know that MORE PEOPLE object to the mockery being made of their own successes by listing his legal tribulations amongst their MDs, PhDs and the like.  Either way, he’s still in prison and they’re all presumably quite rich… Let’s focus on that instead.

A mildly-related item: I immediately was reminded of a CLASSIC Will Ferrell skit on SNL in which The Unabomber attended his class reunion. I still pee my pants a little, even having seen it dozens of times. ENJOY!



5.  Phil Phillips wins American Idol! 

Phillip Phillips, 21, of Georgia, wins Season 11 of FOX reality competition AMERICAN IDOL

Season 11 closed out with a high and a low; record-breaking numbers of votes and viewers. 132 million votes were logged between the finalists, but Nielsen Soundscan reports that this was the least watched conclusion of any AI competition season (nearly 8 million fewer than last year).

My brother and I liked Phil from the beginning. HOWEVER, I told my brother I would not cast a single vote for him until he performed a Dave Matthews song. (Which he finally did when he made the Top 6!)

I love that he never picked big numbers to get votes; he was always authentic and original. I have described his voice to non-Idol-watching friends as “if Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Tom Waits had a vocal lovechild.”   He’s hot. That’s all there is to it!

Runner-up Jessica Sanchez, a 16-year-old powerhouse from the San Diego area, was no slouch. I cannot and will not deny she is a great talent. BUT I also cannot and will not deny that she lacked personality. Singing a big song is only part of being in that business, and she just needs to live a little more life before she can top the charts.

I’m also glad Phillips won because I never felt that Sanchez should have been allowed to compete. Her Wikipedia page lists a number of accomplishments and professional opportunities earned before her Idol audition. The format of the show has evolved so much since season 1, but I know you cannot have had a record deal prior to auditioning. (Carly Smithson of season 7 was controversial for being in violation of that rule.)  Sanchez was featured on two major recordings, which from a technical standpoint I guess doesn’t violate the eligibility requirements, but it doesn’t seem fair. She’s got a lot of famous fans, and thanks to the show she’s had more exposure, so I don’t doubt that she will get a deal regardless of taking 2nd place. But who’s to say she wouldn’t have gotten the deal anyway? And if she hadn’t made the Top 24, would Phillips still have won?  I guess I’m glad they let her through, because ultimately she didn’t win.

But still, what kind of pop-culture consumer would I be if I didn’t obsess over people I don’t know and speculate on things that didn’t happen?