Kelli Stapleton: A Year Later (And Still a Coward)

22 09 2014

My original post about Kelli Stapleton, 46, the Michigan mother who tried to kill her then 14-year-old daughter, Issy, has been getting a little more play lately as Stapleton’s trial loomed.

According to People, in the eleventh hour Stapleton took a plea, copping to first degree child abuse rather than moving forward to face the attempted murder trial.

Dr. Phil McGraw interviewed Kelli Stapleton in jail, which aired in two parts on his afternoon talk show last week. In that interview, Stapleton said, appallingly, that “the jail of Benzie County has been a much kinder warden than the jail of autism has been.”   That doesn’t sound anything like remorse to me, ladies and gentlemen.

In a July court appearance, Stapleton deflected responsibility or acknowledgement of her despicable actions by stating she could not recall certain visits or conversations with law enforcement and social workers in the aftermath of September 3rd, as she was suffering the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.  

Though in the Dr. Phil interview Stapleton states that she misses Issy, and she’s “not even worthy to beg for her forgiveness,” she admits that her concerns for her other children do not outweigh her instincts of self-preservation. She tells McGraw that given the opportunity, in a perfect scenario, she would not try to resume contact with or caring for her daughter if released from jail.

Friends of Kelli Stapleton are interviewed for the program, and they describe teenaged Issy as having “a difficult time communicating her wants and her needs,” “agitated easily,” and “impatient.” They allege that at the hands of her child, Stapleton has suffered a traumatic brain injury on three occasions. Their tones are very melodramatic, going so far as to say the child “terrorized” her mother and members of the immediate family lived in fear every moment that Issy could/would kill them.

Of course this whole mess is terrible, but arguably, its been indicated that Kelli Stapleton exacerbated the family’s predicament.




The response to my other post, published a year ago, has been mixed… with some people so sympathizing with Kelli Stapleton as to attack me. You have the right to voice your opinion as much as I do, but you overlook the actual words I used to frame the reason I wrote about this situation at all. It clearly reads “I can imagine, to a degree,” because of my experience with this community; NOT I understand exactly what Kelli Stapleton’s life and the lives of every other parent of a disabled or autistic child goes through every day of their lives. I was qualifying my perspective, not in any way trying to discount the struggles and sacrifices many of you have had to endure/make.

Furthermore, that is one of the more minute details in my coverage of Kelli Stapleton’s merciless assualt on her daughter. You can think I’m an asshole all you want, but an individual claiming to be the defendent’s sister-in-law wrote to me, and several other online outlets, explaining how my perceptions of Stapleton as a narcissist and a borderline-sociopoath are correct. Laura Kelm commented, “She was and is all about herself. And now she is using the media to dupe people into feeling sympathy where none is deserved. She was not an amazing, involved parent that only had her family’s welfare at heart. And it makes me sick reading comments all over the web from people feeling sorry for her.” [From the research I’ve been able to conduct, Kelm seems legit. The Detroit native, a mother herself, is the step-sister of Matt Stapleton.]

We should be focusing on Issy, and how after her remarkable recovery from the carbon monoxide poisoning she suffered at the hands of her mother, she and her family must cope with an entirely new, challenging dynamic. Kelli is facing life in prison, but even if she were to escape with a lighter sentence than the law calls for (and the public expects), Matt Stapleton has moved forward with divorce and custody proceedings.  She failed to kill herself and her daughter, but she did manage to immeasurably and permanently alter the Stapleton family structure.



Patrice O’Neal, 1969-2011

30 11 2011

If you give a kid a name like Patrice Lumumba Malcom O’Neal, he better have the personality to go with it. 

Lucky for us, the Boston native never disappointed — making a name for himself on the comedy circuit in the early 90s.  Coming up from open mic and amateur sets, O’Neal became known for his playfulness on stage — frequently veering away from prepared material to interact with/reacting to the audience or exploit a controversial tangent.

He was a regular on the “Opie & Anthony” radio show, appeared on sitcoms and in film, as well as featuring in several Comedy Central specials and programming, most recently the September 2011 Roast of Charlie Sheen (which was his last performance).

O’Neal, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 1993, suffered a stroke in late October. Complications from the incident are said to be responsible for his death.  His stature, 6’4″ and 300 lbs., while  beneficial to his act, contributed to his struggle with the disease. 

Hollywood gossip site TMZ was first to report the comedian’s passing, after having spoken with his rep Matt Frost.
“Many of us have lost a close and loved friend; all of us have lost a true comic genius,” Frost said.

New Miley Doll… for Adults.

5 04 2011

 Unlike the Vanity Fair photoshoot, the leaked cellphone pictures, the bong video, and the age-inappropriate clothing and performances, the latest Miley Cyrus scandal isn’t her fault.

This most recent chapter in an epic novel of Miley missteps, comes in the form of an inflatable, laytex companion marketed by Pipedream Productions.

I hadn’t heard about this controversial new product until a friend blogged about it for Q103.  A little while later I was swimming in blogs and statements regarding the “Finally Mylie! Love Doll.”

On, the doll is going for $27.45 and is eligible for Super Saver shipping.  Pipedream spokesman Kevin Johnson says that demand has been so high since the latest in their “Super Star Series–” which includes inflatable likenesses of Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera– they have sold out in under 48 hours.

Johnson is aware of the online rumors that Cyrus’ camp will pursue legal action, but has yet to receive a cease & desist order.

The teenybopper is said to be “disgusted” with the item, which reads “Just add air and this teen-queen pole-dancing princess comes of age right before your own eyes!” on the packaging.  (Other punny quips emblazoned on the box are not PG.) 
No doubt papa Billy Ray is outraged, having just gotten his family back on track after a tense fall, unflattering GQ interview and separation from wife Tish.


Is this just par for the course in the life of an increasingly too-mature-for-her-own-good poptart?
I wouldn’t go so far as to say she deserves to have pervy guys huffing and puffing before, during and after opening the “Mylie” doll… but I’m not entirely surprised it exists.

With her purity ring no doubt somewhere on the floor of Justin Gaston’s car and her dignity buried in the fake sand back on the Hannah Montana beach set, Miley is going to have to either get in on the joke that her ‘career’ is or she’ll have to just make a more sincere effort not be the worst influence for girls age 9-15.

Disney should be making moves to distance themselves (further) from the Cyrus’– not only because of the disparaging comments Billy Ray made in the March issue of GQ, but because the longer they try to save face and support this one-time cashcow the more sour the milk will be when it splashes back in their face.
Some of these Disney girls were just NEVER going to live up to the wholesome, all-American, pure little princess image they have to fit into.  Ex) Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato.